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What Campers Say

I got a very eye-opening look at selective colleges. The leaders were amazing, and everything took place seamlessly. [The campus tours] covered a lot of information and gave a good idea of the college. It was much more efficient than touring with family, and was very fun! — Pavan Battar, East Coast College Tour participant

Campers Say

I found my dream school on this trip and met a great group of girls from around the country that I will continue to be friends with after the tour. - Hannah Jones, East Coast College Tour participant
I came here to gain a new perspective of the various east coast campuses, and I did. I learned quite a bit and was able to confidently say at the end of the tour that certain colleges were for me and others were not. - Richa Gupta, East Coast College Tour participant
After attending this tour I feel better prepared for the college application process. The program was very well organized and every second was utilized to its full potential. - Dennis Zdonov, East Coast College Tour participant
The East Coast College Tour turned out better than I thought. The accommodations were better than I expected. I got more information and insight from the colleges than I thought I would. There were more opportunities to interact with other tour participants and to "hang out" than I thought. The tour is a great opportunity to gain very useful and realistic insight on different colleges. It somehow gives a more accurate picture than just reading things in books. - Philip Blanco, East Coast College Tour participant
Meeting other college-bound students and talking to them gave me ideas for community service projects and how to get into college! - Whitney Wilson, East Coast College Tour participant