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Enrollment Policies

  • Fee Schedule

Families may pay in full upon application for any program.

  • For our camps priced less than $2,300, a $495 deposit that is credited toward the cost of the camp is required upon application.
  • For camps priced between $2,300 and $3,500, a $695 deposit that is credited toward the cost of the camp is required upon application.
  • For camps priced more than $3,500, and for East Coast College Tour, a deposit of $995 that is credited toward the cost of the camp is required upon application.
  • For the Summer Focus program only, the deposit is $1,495.

Deposits are not refundable unless our Tuition Protection Plan is purchased at the time of application. Similarly, some special offers require full payment upon application; all monies paid under such an offer are forfeited in the event of cancelation unless the Tuition Protection Plan is purchased at the time of application or other exceptions are made specific to that offer.

Payment for any remaining balance is due 45 days before the first day of the program (60 days for Summer Focus and all College Tours) for which the student is enrolled. If the final payment is not made at least 45 days before the start of the program (or 60 days for Summer Focus), residential/overnight spots are subject to cancelation or re-assignment and all monies paid toward the program are subject to forfeit. If all payments and forms are not completed at least 7 days before the start of the program, a late charge of $100 will be added to the family account and must be paid prior to registration. 

  • Enrollment Process

Once an application has been received for any of our programs by mail or online, the enrollment process begins and all money paid toward the program is nonrefundable from this point on unless the Tuition Protection Plan is purchased upon initial application. Failure to complete the enrollment process for any of our programs also results in the forfeiture of any/all money paid unless the Tuition Protection Plan has purchased, and then all rules regarding refunds and our Tuition Protection Plan are applicable.

The responsibility lies with the family/student to complete the enrollment process by the due date stated in the enrollment packet (these packets are generally posted in April and May as final campus details are confirmed). All forms must be completed fully and submitted without any modifications, changes, or deletions, and families agree that failure to fully complete these forms without modification or amendment can be grounds for refusing final enrollment for their child by Education Unlimited, but does not provide grounds for any kind of refund of fees paid nor does it provide for any right to cancel with a refund of payments made. College Admission Prep Camp, Prep Camp Excel and A+ programs require the submission of official or unofficial transcripts for all grades completed at time of application. Summer Focus, A+ programs and CAPC Intensive require a minimum 3.0 GPA. Summer Focus requires the submission of official transcripts, at least one academic letter of recommendation and the completion of a phone interview. All programs require that the student/family review and return camp enrollment forms (i.e. medical release forms, rules and regulations forms, enrollment agreement, photo release) and required payments and damage and/or key deposits sent to them by Education Unlimited. If, and only if, once the enrollment process is complete, a student is not accepted into an Education Unlimited program, all monies paid will be refunded.

If Education Unlimited changes the dates of a program, we will notify camper families enrolled in that session as soon as we are aware of the change. Once we notify you, you will have 10 days to decide whether to keep your enrollment in the program or cancel for a refund. If you cancel in writing within 10 days of us notifying you of the change of dates, we will fully refund your tuition payment and tuition protection plan premium (and any other incidentals you may have purchased, such as airport shuttle fees, etc.). If you do not notify us in writing of your wish to cancel within 10 days of the date change, then you agree that your enrollment will be transferred to the new program dates and that our standard cancelation policies and Tuition Protection Plan policies apply from that point forward. 

  • Cancelation, Camp Switches, and our Tuition Protection Plan (TPP)

​• Switching Programs

Because Education Unlimited incurs many non-recoverable fees once a student has enrolled in a program, switching from one program to another is considered to be two different transactions:

(1)  cancelation of the first camp, and;

(2)  enrollment in the second camp

Families that have purchased the TPP for the canceled program will be refunded the amount due per our TPP refund schedule as posted on the Education Unlimited website. For families that have not purchased this cancelation protection, the camp fees paid for the first program are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the new camp.

• Program Session Cancelation by Education Unlimited

It is rare that Education Unlimited must cancel a program, class, or trip due to low enrollment or other unforeseen issues. Most years, 100% of all offerings occur as scheduled. However, many of our offerings have minimum enrollment requirements, a 10 student minimum for trips and for our longest programs, such as Summer Focus. In the event enrollment minimums aren’t reached, Education Unlimited reserves the right to cancel any given program. In the rare event that a program is canceled, Education Unlimited will refund all tuition money paid for the canceled programs. Please allow 14 days for such a refund to be processed.

We strive to provide 2 weeks’ notice or more, but in the event we don’t provide at least 10 days of notice by sending an email to the email address you have provided to us, we will also extend a credit of $500 for a future program, which can be combined with any other offer! It is each participant family’s responsibility to check their email account regularly, and to update contact email addresses with the correct contact information. Education Unlimited is not responsible for notices not received because of such problems.

• Tuition Protection Plan (TPP)

Sometimes families must cancel their registration due to unforeseen circumstances and we are unable to issue refunds in such cases. We recommend that families purchase our Tuition Protection Plan to provide for maximum possible refunds. This program provides a refund (including normally non-refundable payments, but not the premium paid for the plan itself) if camp enrollment is canceled by written notification prior to the start of the program. No refund is provided if the cancelation request is received after the camp begins. The total fee for the coverage plan is 10% of the total cost of the program before any discounts.The TPP can only by purchased on initial application, cannot be added later, and is not offered for the East Coast College Tour.

This written cancelation policy is always binding and no verbal communication from any EU staff can override the written policy. Only a financial officer of the company can approve a policy waiver on any request for refund or any other financial matters, and all requests for a waiver must be submitted in writing for the CEO or CFO to review for a written response.

In some very limited circumstances partial credits for a future camp may be possible if a student departs a camp after it has begun based on a number of factors and only at the discretion of and with the approval of the Executive Director of Education Unlimited. Factors include emergency during camp necessitating withdrawal, the degree to which the host campus is willing to provide a pro-rated refund for their services, and early notification of curricular difficulties if problem are perceived to exist relative to what was advertised for the program so that the program site director and staff can have a reasonable chance to rectify any perceived deficits or problems with the curriculum. When assigning value to such credits the camp 'valuation' is 40% for room, board, classroom fees; 40% for curricular/class time instructions and activities, and 20% for recreational time and activities. Days used are generally prorated, so completion or near completion of the camp schedule before raising any concerns or issues is presumptively a disqualifying factor. All such requests for camp credit for just cause must be made in writing with detailed explanation of the request for camp credit, and are ultimately at the discretion of the Executive Director.

  • Payment Options

Discount offers may not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including Thanksgiving, Fall, and Winter offers and our group discount program unless these is a specific exception stated for that offer. Families may pay in full upon application, or pay the camp deposit only. Please note that some discount offers require payment in full upon application. In the case of discount offers that require payment in full upon application, all monies paid under such an offer are forfeited in the event of cancelation unless the Tuition Protection Plan is purchased at the time of application or unless the terms and conditions of that offer make a specific exception.

  • Security Deposits

    Two separate damage and key deposits of $125 each are required. Charges for damage to furniture or building structure will be levied against these deposits. Forfeiture of deposit will also result if keys are not returned upon departure. At the conclusion of each summer security deposit checks that have not been cashed are destroyed (usually in October or November following camp).

  • Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

    Need-based aid is available. We encourage all interested students to apply. Initial deposits must accompany all applications, and to be eligible for our financial aid student 'courtesy refund' (in the event our aid offer is insufficient to allow the family to be able to afford camp) families must submit their financial aid request and supporting documents within 3 days of applying to enroll. Tax forms are required for consideration. For more information email us at

  • Fees Cover

    Residential program fees cover all classes, residence hall or hotel lodging for the duration of the program, all meals, all required workbooks and materials, planned recreational and evening activities, and camp memorabilia.

    Day camp fees cover all classes, all required workbooks and materials, and camp memorabilia.

  • Fees Do Not Cover

Residential program fees do not include transportation to and from the program site (except Tours), optional $5 for camp shirt, optional calling card, spending and laundry money.

Day camp fees do not cover lodging and meals, transportation to and from the program site, optional $5 for camp shirt, or spending money.

While most rooms are 'doubles' no particular room configuration is guaranteed, and any promise of a guaranteed housing arrangement must come from the Executive Director and must be in writing to override our written policies (see FAQ page for more details).

Some Summer Focus electives, such as SAT Prep, require an additional fee that is not included in the standard camp tuition. However, in each elective block, there will be at least one elective choice which requires no additional fee.

  • Student Responsibilities and Conduct and return of final enrollment materials

    Students are expected to attend all scheduled events, classes, and seminars. Students must conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, following all program and/or school/University guidelines and fully respecting the rights of others. The enrollment packet includes a photo release that families agree to allow photo and/or video footage taken of their child during the course of the camp attended to be used for future promotional and display materials in any and all mediums. If parents object to any specific photo or image of their child being used we will honor requests to remove such photos from our website upon being notified of the request, and from future promotional materials.

After application and upon acceptance to the program, students will be sent a follow-up packet with final enrollment materials. All forms must be completed, signed, and returned to Education Unlimited before a student may participate in any Education Unlimited program, and materials, forms and releases cannot be modified in any way. Families warrant that students they enroll are academically capable and prepared to function within the program in which they enroll at or above grade level so that the class can progress at a reasonable pace for all students. All students must be able to communicate fluently in written and spoken English, and be able to answer questions such as their name, understand directions (both geographic and behavioral), and demonstrate if requested that they can follow safety directives. It is the responsibility of the parent or family agent who signs a student up for a program to make sure each student student meets these basic minimum expectations. Students who don't meet these basic expectations/criteria may be sent home without refund. Finally, EU attempts to be as generous as possible on allowing adequate time for forms to be completed and returned, but in some cases, such as holding housing spots when final payments are due to the campus but only the deposit has been paid by a family, failure to complete the enrollment process including all payments and all forms by the due date may cause a family to forfeit their enrollment spot without refund.

  • No incidental damages.

All parties agree that Education Unlimited's liability is limited by the posted refund policies and regardless, under no circumstances shall exceed the camp tuition paid by the camper family, nor shall Education Unlimited be liable for any incidental damages. 

  • International Students

    Education Unlimited is proud to host international students from countries around the world. Typically, approximately 15% of our students come from outside of the United States. 

    Students are considered to be International Students if any of the following are true:

• The billing address or home address on file is international

• The credit card, wire transfer, check or other form of payment is drawn on a non-US bank

• Student requires support from our office is required in the submission of a Visa application

• Emergency contact address or phone number is outside of the U.S.

For international students, we assess an additional fee of $100 for the first week of camp and $50 for each additional week (except for Summer Focus, which has separate pricing options for international students to reflect higher UC Berkeley tuition costs and our standard international fees). We offer a variety of additional services for international students, including providing documentation of enrollment that can be presented for visa applications (see below for information about our visa policy). In addition, this fee is used to offset a number of additional expenses Education Unlimited incurs on behalf of international students, including, but not limited to, increased credit card fees (roughly double that of domestic cards), wire transfer fees, international phone charges, additional staff time, postage, and increased campus fees for some programs (for example Summer Focus at UC Berkeley). Additionally, on occasion, international students may experience unusually long travel delays, or complications that require additional staff supervision. Note, however, that the international fee does not cover any extra nights of dorm housing should a delay in travel occur.

International Visas: The United States generally requires foreign students to have a properly authorized visa to enter the United States (to attend our programs, or for any other purpose). Upon request, Education Unlimited will provide documentation about the nature of our programs and confirmation of enrollment that can be presented to the appropriate US Embassy/Consulate. In most cases this has been sufficient for participants to attend on tourist class visas or under the visa waiver program for our various enrichment programs. However, all visa decisions are made by US immigrations agents and officials according to their reading of US law and policy on granting visas, and Education Unlimited provides no assurance or warranty that a visa will be granted in any given case. For this reason we strongly recommend that all international families dependent upon the issuance of a visa purchase our Cancelation Protection Plan, and apply for a visa well before the program start date, so that it can be known with certainty that a visa has been fully authorized and secured. An exception to our standard Visa policies is considered a financial issue that only the Education Unlimited Executive Director or CFO can waive or modify on behalf of Education Unlimited, and any such waiver or modification must be made in advance and must be made in writing.

Summer Focus Students Only: For Summer Focus students who enroll in a full-time course load, Education Unlimited will assist and facilitate the submission of documents that UC Berkeley requires to issue an I20, however, the final responsibility lies with the student and his/her family to comply with all requirements and deadlines. More information about visa requirements can be found on the UC Berkeley International Office website

  • Note: For the purposes of Massachusetts law, Education Unlimited only operates summer programs, not camps.