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Low Price Guarantee

If you find a valid current offer or discount for the same camp session in which you previously enrolled that offers a *better final tuition price after the discount is applied to the current tuition price* at any time through the start of your camp session, we will issue a 110% camp credit for the difference! In order to be eligible for a credit, your registration must meet all terms and conditions set forth in the discount (such as a requirement to pay in full at the time of application), and your request must be received in writing while the discount is valid. Credits can only be used for new camp registrations or toward additional services purchased after the credit is issued. 

Flash sales that are labeled as such that are offered within 7 days of the start of camp are excluded from this guarantee as those sales are primarily to enroll one or two students to camp so as to make a small session more enjoyable for the students who are already enrolled.